Mobile-Centric, Now PC too.

Roambi-LayersRoambi was designed and built to deliver the richest experience to data for mobile users. Now you can deliver the same award winning experience to data for all your users, on phones, tablets, and PCs

Roambi Delivers:
– Native Applications
– Instantaneous Performance with NO SPINNERS
– 100% Offline Functionality for Mobile and PC
– Beautiful, Integrated Visualizations
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Integrated Views vs. Dashboards

roambi3Instead of static dashabords, Roambi Analytics™ is made up of 10 dynamic, integrated visualizations called “views” Each View is a unique combination of interactive navigation, visualization, and analytic features designed to engage and guide you through your data, making it easier to use, and easier to understand

Introducing Blink™

Roambi Analytics 8 Features Blink™ a new view that delivers instant, on-device data discovery. Take any CSV data set and easily visualize, explore, filter and pivot it right on your iPhone or iPad. Powered by an industry first on-device analytics engine, Blink lets anyone perform FreeStyle Analytics™ anywhere.

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Enterprise Grade Analytics Platform

Roambi Analytics is used every day by some of the largest companies in the world, and some of the smallest. With a full suite of security, content management, customization, and integration options, Roambi Analytics gives you the tools do deliver data to 10 users or 10,000.

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Works With Any Data Source

roambi-2Roambi Analytics lets you deliver the richest experience to data regardless of your existing infrastructure. Easily deploy award winning visualizations from spreadsheets, CRM, legacy BI systems, and databases in minutes.

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